Cincinnati’s Balboa Dance Community

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Balboa is our favorite swing dance.  Suited to shuffling your shoes whether the music is smooth and slow or scorching hot, balboa is a dance close to our hearts.  Originating in form for economizing on space (in ballrooms packed shoulder to shoulder), this versatile dance was nearly lost because it was never taught in dance schools.  Now you can find balboa lovers just about anywhere there are lindy hoppers and jazz lovers.

Cincy Balboa endeavors to bring education and enthusiasm to spread the love of this vintage swing era dance called Balboa. Our group is open to all levels; you don’t need to bring a partner, we’ll work with you! You can usually find us at the Contemporary Dance Theater in College Hill (in the College Hill Town Hall Building) on Sundays, with the Cincinnati Lindy Society, or on Thursdays at Liberty Exhibition Hall in Northside. We formerly met for lessons and practice on the SECOND SATURDAY of each month, but Second Saturdays Sesssions are currently on hiatus.

We are also the organizers of JINGLE BAL, our giant balboa workshop and social dance event.


We dance to the authentic standards, but also to living musicians with a love of the authentic swing jazz sound.  That means we love Fats Waller, Artie Shaw, Harry James, Ella Fitzgerald, and Benny Goodman, but we also get out and shuffle to The Mint Julep Jazz Band, the Candy Jacket Jazz Band, Michael Gamble and the Rhythm Serenaders, the Boilermaker Jazz Band, and the Carolina Footwarmers.

Here are opportunities to find Balboa Dancing in Cincinnati!


  • THURSDAYS: Social dance and swing lessons at 9pm by our friends at SwinGallery at Liberty Exhibition Hall
  • THIRD FRIDAYS: Social dance by The CINCY HOP
  • SUNDAYS: Weekly swing dance at 7pm in College Hill by our friends at Cincinnati Lindy Society.

    * Visit the FACEBOOK GROUP for Cincy Balboa *to find our balboa meetups. New meetups for balboa practice include Sundays at 5pm, beginning JUNE 30th, at the Contemporary Dance Theater (before the Cincinnati Lindy Society lindy hop lessons at 6pm).

Find Cincy Balboa on Twitter,and on Facebook!
We aim to create a network of information and accessible venues and events for balboa dancers in the region.  We try to post updates featuring local spots or live events that feature danceable music, as well as keep informed about the big national workshops.  The facebook group is private to avoid the barrage of spam and advertisements, the real-life group is open to join.

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