Tea Dance at Jingle Bal

Sunday Morning(-ish), join us for breads and beverages at the Balboa Bagel Breakfast! Our opportunity to eat, and (re-)meet our fellow balboa dancers from around the Midwest and South (south-middle? middle-south?).

kinstler photos1
“Oh I do so enjoy the music of Mr. Artie Shaw, don’t you? I enjoy Frenesi ever so much.”

Take a moment to relax with new friends and compare notes on music and dance shoes and scene-building and vintage trousers (or what have you). After you re-fuel, get ready to shuffle to live music by the Jazz Coasters

kinstler photos2
“Bring the arms in, hon. Just bring ’em in. Relax”

That’s Sunday December 10th, right before the Tea Dance, in the Parlor at the Contemporary Dance Theater. Reserve your spot now, or be bagel-less at Jingle Bal. Balboa Bagel Breakfast Begins at 1130am

These photos are actually a really cool find by the University of Cincinnati, picked out of a file drawer marked “Photos.” They were taken by Robert Kinstler for the Cincinnatian yearbook and news record, sometime between 1938 and 1943.

You can see them all here : http://magazine.uc.edu/media/oncampus/photos_from_negs.html
The photos are re-produced here without permission, but giving credit to the photographer and the university whose property they may or may not be.

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