All Balboa Is Nigh

The Annual All Balboa Weekend (the oldest, biggest, awesomest balboa workshop on the planet) is upon us. Once more shall we sallyforth on our musical pilgrimage to get the shuffle on with our fellow balboans. And lo, we shall return to our wage-slaving on Monday, and struggling mightily with burning feet and utter exhaustion, wrestling, indubitably, to understand how we can have undertaken this strange and joyous adventure together only to end up back at the mundane desks and screens of the real world. And we mark off our calendars for next year.

I’m so pleased people from the Cincinnati Swing Dance community, as well as the greater Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky swing dancing communities, will be attending this year.

Some unfortunate health circumstances had left me wondering if I could attend. There’s nothing special about marking ten years since one’s first balboa workshop. But it is, to me. My All-Bal Tennial is kinda special to me. I’m glad to say I’ll be there this year, with my friends and fellow dancers, fantastic musicians, and people who try their darnedest to community-build, to create music, to preserve the arts, or those who contribute by simply asking people to dance. My people. ❤

I'm coming for #allthebalboas.

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