What’s Around Town During Jingle Bal?

Out of Towners, swing dancers, we are ready to welcome you to Jingle Bal!

If you get a chance while you’re in town for Jingle Bal, you might try to visit Casablanca Vintage. It’s 10 minutes from the Contemporary Dance Theater.
Plenty of local swing dancers and lovers of vintage style have unearthed treasures there. They regularly have suit pants and coats,vintage ties, bowties, and suspenders, and leather shoes for men and women, and hats.

IMG_20170903_163844 w=300


The stock is always changing.

Up the street from Casablanca Vintage is a vinyl records store is Shake It Records. If you’re a vinyl fan you may want to check out what they have.

This area is called NORTHSIDE, and there are plenty of restaurants down here as well. Some are pricey and some are less pricey. Arcade Legacy is a hotdog stand/arcade across the street from Casablanca vintage which won’t break your bank and you can play your favorite 80’s games in the cabinets, like the Simpson’s, Rampage, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Nearer to the Contemporary Dance Theater are several restaurants, including Swad Indian, which delivers. Red Rose Jems is good but not quick sit-down Italian. I have not been to, but also nearby are, Brink Brewing, Rasheedah’s Café,and Chung Ching Chinese.

Also 15 minutes to the east of the Contemporary Dance Theater is Talk of the Town, on Reading Rd. They are a Vintage/Costume shop. You might find a 20’s style vest on the second floor, and come back downstairs for a pirate costume on the first floor.

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