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Our 2018 Local + Regional Events Calendar

01/04 (Thurs) the JAZZ COASTERS at SwinGallery (Leapin’ Lizard in Covington)
*Update!* 01/06 the FAUX FRENCHMEN will play at the Hilton Netherland Plaza at 9pm
01/13 CINCY BALBOA Second Saturdays Practice Session (College Hill)
*Update!* 01/13 the MIDWESTERN SWING will play at the Hilton Netherland Plaza at 9pm
01/20 SPEAKEASY NIGHT w/ MICKEY JAMES and the Queen City Crew at the SouthGate House Revival

02/01 SparX 2018 in Cleveland
02/10 CINCY BALBOA Second Saturdays Practice Session (College Hill)

03/01 (Thursday) the JAZZ COASTERS at SwinGallery (Leapin’ Lizard in Covington)
03/10 CINCY BALBOA Second Saturdays Practice Session (College Hill)

04/11 (Wednesday) is
04/14 CINCY BALBOA Second Saturdays Practice Session (College Hill)

MAY is WARBIRDS month!  (TBD)
05/12 CINCY BALBOA Second Saturdays Practice Session (College Hill)

06/14-16 is
in Cleveland

*Thursdays: SwinGallery at Leapin’ Lizard in Covington
*Sundays: Sunday Weekly Dances at College Hill Town Hall

*First Fridays at Molly Malone’s in Covington
*Second Tuesdays in Columbus for Balboa


That’s a Wrap for Jingle Bal * 2017

Jingle Bal, Cincinnati’s Balboa Workshop Event, took place this past weekend.

The instructors were roundly praised, the dancing was a blast, the volunteer staff was fantastic.  A big thank you to all who made this event possible, and made it a genuinely fun and welcoming event.

Cincy Balboa’s next practice session is Saturday January 13th.

Pre-Registration Ends 12/03

Have you registered for Jingle Bal?
surprised owls 2.5

It’s almost time for Cincy Balboa’s JINGLE BAL! This year’s workshop and social dance event is bigger and better, and if you ever wanted to learn balboa, or if you love balboa, then there’s no more friendly and affordable event out there!

Register Here!

Learn more about Jingle Bal and the balboa workshop classes and dances here.

See you soon!

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Tea Dance at Jingle Bal

Sunday Morning(-ish), join us for breads and beverages at the Balboa Bagel Breakfast! Our opportunity to eat, and (re-)meet our fellow balboa dancers from around the Midwest and South (south-middle? middle-south?).

kinstler photos1
“Oh I do so enjoy the music of Mr. Artie Shaw, don’t you? I enjoy Frenesi ever so much.”

Take a moment to relax with new friends and compare notes on music and dance shoes and scene-building and vintage trousers (or what have you). After you re-fuel, get ready to shuffle to live music by the Jazz Coasters

kinstler photos2
“Bring the arms in, hon. Just bring ’em in. Relax”

That’s Sunday December 10th, right before the Tea Dance, in the Parlor at the Contemporary Dance Theater. Reserve your spot now, or be bagel-less at Jingle Bal. Balboa Bagel Breakfast Begins at 1130am

These photos are actually a really cool find by the University of Cincinnati, picked out of a file drawer marked “Photos.” They were taken by Robert Kinstler for the Cincinnatian yearbook and news record, sometime between 1938 and 1943.

You can see them all here : http://magazine.uc.edu/media/oncampus/photos_from_negs.html
The photos are re-produced here without permission, but giving credit to the photographer and the university whose property they may or may not be.

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Jingle All The Bal

Greetings Bal Believers!

As of today, Balboa-Lovers from 12 different states have registered to join us!

I’m so excited, to have all of our talented instructors, dancers, musicians, and djs joining us. On that note, I’m pleased to announce our newest addition to the Jingle Bal roster: JAY BENZE, our neighbor to the north, will be our DJ for the Sunday Tea Dance. Jay has a great ear for music, and is not only a fine dancer but also a great instructor! He will be joining us at the Saturday Guided Practice for Beginners.

Have your registered yet??
Track Three is filling up!


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Instructors II | Instructors III | DJs
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** Registration is HERE **

In Town for Jingle Bal?

We know you came to dance! all the balboas

Out of Towners, swing dancers, welcome!  If you get a chance while you’re in town for Jingle Bal, you might try to visit Casablanca Vintage. It’s 10 minutes from the Contemporary Dance Theater. Plenty of local swing dancers and lovers of vintage style have unearthed treasures there.

  • They regularly have suit pants and coats,IMG_20170903_163844
  • vintage ties and bowties and suspenders,IMG_20170903_163829
  • leather shoes for men and women, cblanca
  • and hats too, if that’s your thing.IMG_20170903_163631

There’s no guarantee of what they will have. One weekend I went there and there were loads of vintage lace-ups and wedges. I picked up one pair of shoes because I didn’t want to be greedy. I came back for the wedges the very next weekend, having become greedy, but unbeknownst to me someone had swooped in and bought the new dead stock wedges in my size. I suspect Mary Richardson.

Down the street from Casablanca Vintage is a vinyl records store you can walk to, which is Black Plastic Records. A bit further up the way, you may want to get back in your car, is Shake It Records. If you’re a vinyl fan you may want to check out what they have.

And without having to re-park your car, there are several restaurants down here as well. Some are pricey and some are less pricey. Arcade Legacy is a hotdog stand/arcade across the street from Casablanca vintage which won’t break your bank and you can play your favorite 80’s games in the cabinets, like the Simpson’s, Rampage, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Nearer to the Contemporary Dance Theater are several restaurants, including Swad Indian, which I rather like and plus they deliver, FYI.

Red Rose Jems is good but not quick sit-down Italian.

I have not been to, but also nearby are Brink Brewing, Rasheedah’s Café, College Hill Coffee, and the Chinese restaurant with the cringe-worthy name, Chung Ching.

15 minutes to the east of the Contemporary Dance Theater is Talk of the Town, on Reading Rd. They are a Vintage/Costume shop. You might find a 20’s style vest on the second floor, and come back downstairs for a pirate costume on the first floor. Mighty convenient!

Upcoming Balboa Classes & Dances

10/28/17 Baloween Dance by the Balboa-Lovers in CBus
There is a drop-in lesson before this BALBOA DANCE Columbus

November Balboa Progressive Cincy Balboa will be teaching a 3 week progressive series for Balboa Beginners at the Cincinnati Lindy Society Weeklies, Sundays @ 6pm at the Contemporary Dance Theater in College Hill.
Instructors are Heather & Nate.
No weekly lesson or dance on 11/26/17 (Swung-over from Smorg)


11/11/17 Cincy Balboa’s Second Saturdays Session  @ 3pm
Instruction by Mike & Mary Richardson, the Hepcats out of Lexington

The 15th Annual Smorgasboard of Swing
in Cincinnati

December Balboa II Progressive Gem City Swing will be teaching a 3 week progressive series for Balboa Beginners at the Cincinnati Lindy Society Weeklies, Sundays @ 6pm at the Contemporary Dance Theater in College Hill.
Instructors are Emily & Jay.
No weeklies on 12/24 or 12/31/17 )


12/03/17 The Jive Aces at Cincinnati Lindy Society’s Weekly Dance @7pm
Straight from the UK, the Jive Aces are playing the CLS Dance the first Sunday in December!

December 9th and 10th Cincinnati’s Own JINGLE BAL WORKSHOP
Our two-day balboa workshop, with 3 levels of workshop classes, 3 sets of amazing instructors, 3 social dances, fantastic djs, music by the Jazz Coasters, and honestly what the heck else do you need? You don’t need a partner, come dance with us!
Find it on Facebook!

IMG_20161210_154509 - Copy

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