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Corey & Susan Manke

csmBack by popular demand! Corey and Susan Manke are Balboa and Swing dancers from Nashville, Tennessee. While Lindy Hop was their first passion, they soon discovered their true love of Balboa in 2004 fascinated with its connection, rhythms and partnering. They have spent over a decade studying the dance with many international instructors.

Corey and Susan are particularly drawn to the aesthetic, connection and feel of the original dancers. They strive to implement these elements into their own dance style and reference these dancers in their teaching in order to preserve the original dancers’ contribution to the dance floor.

They have been participants of The Balboa Experiment every year since 2010, where they have served as Guest Mentors, awarded “Honorary Fellows,” and became “Distinguished Fellows” in 2016. Corey and Susan have been instructors at All Balboa Weekend, Bal-ast Off, California Balboa Classic, Eastern Balboa Championships, Minor Swing and invited to teach at other regional, national and international events.

Corey and Susan have received placements at All Balboa Weekend, Bal-ast Off and are regular finalists in several national competitions. However, they enjoy the aspect of social dancing the most.

Kadie & Joe Pangburn

jkpHailing from Huntsville, Alabama, Kadie & Joe are known for their cuddly, partner-centric dancing. With a strong passion for connection and communication, they strive to make every dance a two-way conversation that promotes both individuality and collaboration between each other and the music.

For the past 7 years, the two have been passionately studying, preserving and sharing their love of Balboa, both as local teachers/mentors and as regional instructors. They are the creators and organizers of Bal-Ast Off and also operate a bi-weekly balboa practice group out of their home.
A regular finalist at national and international Balboa competitions, Joe recently won 1st place in the 2016 AM J&J at All Balboa Weekend and together they have been participants of the Balboa Experiment for the past 4 years, where they were honored in 2017 as Honorary Fellows.

As instructors they are known for their ability to break down complex concepts into easily understood ideas and they enjoy sharing their love for balboa by bringing fun, laughter and the occasional spontaneous song into the classroom.

Desiree Roffers & Douglas Matthews

desdoug smallDesiree has loved dancing her whole life. At the age of four, she began Irish Dance. Soon after, she was competing around the country and started teaching dance in early middle school. Around 2002 Desiree switched her focus to swing dancing and began studying Lindy Hop, Blues, and Balboa.

Desiree continues to travel to swing dance events around the country to learn and compete. She has studied extensively with the top balboa dancers in the world and has even taken some lessons with Dean Raftery, an original balboa dancer. She has placed in competitions at Emerald City Shuffle, Eastern Balboa Championship, California Balboa Classic, Southern Swing Challenge, Hawkeye Swing Festival, SPARX, and All Balboa Weekend.

Desiree especially loves balboa because of its circular momentum, close connection, and intricate footwork. In 2011 Desiree started Chicago Balboa Underground, an organization dedicated to the promotion of balboa in Chicago. Desiree has a Masters Degree in Education which she uses to design classes that are fun and engaging.

Douglas has been dancing swing for over 10 years, and fell in love with Balboa as soon as he was introduced. The subtle rhythms and connection of pure bal, and the turning stretchy feeling of bal swing became his focus in dancing. Since then he has competed across the country winning awards at ABW, Cal Bal, ILHC, Camp Hollywood and others. He has been teaching Lindy and Balboa in the SF Bay Area since 2013, and loves to share the joy and connection of the bal dances with anyone who will listen.

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