Second Saturdays Balboa

web1Balboa Dance Lessons and Practice

CURRENTLY ON HIATUS: Cincy Balboa holds the SECOND SATURDAYS BALBOA SESSIONS at the Contemporary Dance Theater in College Hill (in the College Hill Town Hall Building).

Our group is open to all levels.
Whether you have danced balboa before, or you aren’t quite sure what balboa is, you are welcome! We have instructors who teach a class too, but these sessions are also for peer-to-peer sharing, experimenting, and mentoring.

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No partner? No problem!
We rotate partners. These balboa sessions are for learning and practicing!

What should I wear?
Be comfortable. Shoes with leather or suede bottoms are best. If not, a shoe that allows you to slide a bit. Rubber-soled shoes resist sliding, and that will make harder work for your body.

What are some songs I could practice to?
Balboa dancers were dancing to the same bands as the lindy hoppers! Balboa can be danced to very fast music, but at any tempo of swing music what is important is that it accommodates a basic Quick-Quick-Slow rhythm. Some well-known songs are:

  • Cherokee – Charlie Barnet
  • Back Bay Shuffle – Artie Shaw
  • Yacht Club Swing – Fats Waller
  • Minor Swing – Django Rheinhardt

Are there any special events?
Why yes!  And we are jazzed about JINGLE BAL, our balboa workshop & social dance event.


Join Cincy Balboa on Facebook!
We try to keep you up to date with the latest in balboa and balboa-friendly events in the region, including events that feature danceable music and floors, as well as keep informed about the big national workshops.  The facebook group is “private” to avoid spam, but the facebook group and the real-life group is open to join.

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